About ELI

Our mission is to partner with highly influential yet under-resourced Christian leaders globally to equip and multiply Biblically mature leaders for every area of community life.

Our Core Values

Developing World Focus

ELI is committed to serving Christian leaders who have had little formal training, resources, or prospect of attaining either. Therefore, we focus our ministry in developing world nations, typically in the global south.

Fostering Relational Respect

ELI recognizes that God has been building his Church long before our arrival in a particular country. We serve those whom God has called and engage them for wisdom and strategy for bringing gospel transformation.

Leveraging Influence

ELI intentionally trains men and women with the capacity and call to train others. This leveraged approach results in exponential influence as nationals train nationals in some of the most remote places on earth.

Transforming Communities Holistically

The Gospel changes everything. ELI equips Christian leaders to think and live redemptively in all their realms of influence whether in the home, church, school, or business.

ELI holds the above core values which will guide it in all its governance, staffing, programs and objectives and serve as a standard for self-evaluation.


Our Strategy

We equip and empower pastors and other strategic Christian leaders to reproduce a growing number of leaders who impact their communities and their cultures, e.g. family, church, education, workplace, etc.

Sound Contextual Instruction

Whether teaching pastors, educators, or business leaders, our goal is gospel transformation that begins with a clear exposition of the Word of God. We typically begin a work doing large group conferences while seeking out those nationals who are capable and called to train other leaders. We then transition our focus from large group conferences to equipping these trainers who can bypass the culture and language barriers and teach our courses to the least resourced.

Strategic Partnerships

Our partners enrich our initiatives: They include Mission to the World, Third Millennium Ministries, Advancing Native Missions, Ligonier Ministries, Miami International Seminary, and World Reformed Fellowship.

Reproducible Resources

Wherever our audiences are literate, we seek to provide a written version of the course in the local language. Furthermore, as those we train pass our courses on, we seek also to empower them to pass on these printed resources. For many, this will be the extent of their theological libraries.

Global Mobilization

ELI is actively recruiting mature believers with the gift of teaching who have a heart for making disciples globally. It is our delight to connect them to serve the network of one of our National Movement Leaders. Instructional volunteers teach alongside one of our faculty members and many go on to serve as adjunct or even full-time faculty.

Our Mission

We partner with highly influential yet under-resourced Christian leaders globally to equip and multiply Biblically mature leaders for every area of community life.


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