Andrew and Betty Mwumvaneza

National Faculty, East Africa

Andrew was born in a nominal Roman Catholic family, in which Christian faith was not significant. As a teenager, he didn’t believe in the existence of God. Sadly, his dad was murdered when he was five years old. From this time on, successive episodes of misery characterized his life through childhood age. As he grew up, bitterness and resentment became inevitable, yet he had no hope for a better future. In November of 1999, he heard the gospel compellingly, placing his faith in Christ. Since then, his life changed, and he experienced unspeakable peace, enabling power to forgive and continue walking with Christ.

Andrew went to the University of Rwanda (College of Science of Technology). This is a secular college where he met Betty (his wife-to-be) through a campus ministry named “Groupe Biblique Universitaire.” Betty also grew up in a more committed Roman Catholic family. Still, she never had a personal faith in Christ until high school (before coming to Christ). Both Andrew and Betty were committed disciples of Christ, involved in this campus ministry and their two different local churches. A few weeks before graduation in 2007, Andrew sensed God’s calling to vocational ministry, to which he responded. Obviously, this decision meant giving up anticipated future well-being promised by a mechanical engineer’s career. However, God’s direction was clear enough to be ignored. Andrew graduated, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. In contrast, Betty graduated from college, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Business. Later, Andrew and Betty married in 2010 and now have three young children (Rhema, Ezra, and Andrea).

In 2018, God opened a door for Andrew to Dallas Seminary in their Master of Theology program. Before joining the Dallas seminary, Andrew had over 14 years of ministry experience in College ministry, Church ministries and leadership, and training church leaders. He came to seminary to be equipped to return to Rwanda and use his gained knowledge and experience to teach the Bible and train church leaders in Rwanda. During his time in seminary, Andrew had an opportunity to come under care in the North Texas Presbytery through New City fellowship Dallas. Betty also had excellent opportunities to learn and grow spiritually and women’s ministry skills. She now senses God leading her to start a ministry through her local church in Kigali to serve wives for church planters or pastor’s wives.

My role

After I complete my seminary degree, Andrew returns to Rwanda to focus attention on the training needs of the body of Christ in Rwanda. This involves teaching/training, developing lessons, mentoring, and developing trainers.

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