Bentry and Hluphekile Mhango

National Faculty

Bentry was born in the Northern part of Malawi while his father dad served in the Malawi Defense Force. Although he grew up in a Christian home, and regularly attended church every Sunday, he still felt empty inside. Through the witness of a good friend, he made a commitment to Christ at age 16. He later joined several youth movements whose aim was to do evangelism in markets, villages, and schools. In 1990, he participated in an organization’s Summer programs whose mission was to evangelize refugees from Mozambique. This created an interest in ministering to these people in their home country. This desire persisted for many years. He was later sent to Mozambique as an evangelist, responsible for church planting and church leadership training under the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian. After leaving Mozambique, he pursued further studies in the States, where he met and married Hluphekile. When their first son, Bongani, was 6 months old, they went to Uganda to serve at the African Bible University, Kampala, Uganda, and had our second son, Thando. He continued as Head of Biblical Studies Department, and served as the Chaplain at African Bible College, Lilongwe, Malawi.

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