Dan and Megan Layman


My Story

Dan was born and raised in Belleville, IL, a suburb in the metro-east area of St. Louis, MO. He grew up in a stable home with his older brother but did not attend a local church. After being invited to attend youth group services with a friend from school in 1992, he began to recognize and feel the weight of his sin in light of the holiness of God. That summer the Holy Spirit brought regeneration to his heart, and he confessed Jesus Christ as his Savior and found forgiveness and new life in Him.

After graduating from Southern Illinois University in 1998, Dan spent eight years as a molecular biologist working on the Human Genome Project and in Infectious Disease testing and research. Though he had been serving the local church in various capacities, he answered the Lord’s call to full-time pastoral ministry in 2006 and went on to earn a Maser of Divinity degree from Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte, 2009).

Dan served as the Associate Pastor of Ambassador Presbyterian Church (ARP) in Apex, NC, from 2010 through 2018, focusing on teaching, missions, and administration. In 2018 he answered to call to be the Senior Pastor of The Granville Chapel (PCA) in Granville, OH where he currently lives and serves. A Midwesterner by birth and at heart, he and his family enjoy being back in this part of the country, nurturing and cultivating a gospel community that shares their lives and the gospel with others while standing firm on the Word of God.

Dan has long had a passion for theological education and training, both in the local and the global church. Since 2014, he has traveled regularly to West Africa to teach Bible and theology courses to pastors and other leaders in various national Presbyterian churches. He has also worked with national leaders to provide opportunities for members of his church to travel and use their gifts in various ministries and service to others.

Dan has been married to Megan since 2003, and they have two school-aged children, Abby Kate and Benjamin. Though an avid indoorsman who loves to read, listen to music, spend time with his family, and watch St. Louis Cardinals baseball, he does venture outdoors for an occasional walk.

My Role

My role as adjunct faculty with ELI will allow me to continue my passion for theological training in an international context. While continuing to serve in full time pastoral ministry, I will be working primarily with the West Africa Team, traveling 1-2 times per year to teach and lead various seminars. I will also be available to help other ELI faculty with their online training as I am needed and able.

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