Dave and Jean Hatfield


Dave grew up in a “mixed” Roman Catholic/Baptist home. Neither of his parents was devout, which rubbed off on him, so that he quit “church” as soon as his parents allowed him to. He came to faith in Christ through a friend who invited him to a Billy Graham Crusade when he was 16. Since then, he has been growing and persevering, by God’s grace.

After high school Dave served in the US Navy at the end of the Viet Nam era. Following his discharge, he earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked primarily in energy systems, in both the public and private sectors, for 35 years. Mid-career, he attended Western Seminary “on the side,” earning a master’s degree in Exegetical Theology (MAET). His goal was always to know, follow, and teach the Word of God. Dave has been a faithful lay churchman since his conversion.

Dave and Jean married in 2010. Between them, they have five grown children and four grandchildren. Together they have sought to serve the church through teaching and serving opportunity was presented. The mission of ELI resonated with them Immediately, and resulted in pursuing a volunteer role. Dave joined the ELI faculty in October of 2023.

Dave serves with the East Africa team. Jean is also working with a local secondary school for the deaf; she is retired from a career as teacher of the deaf.

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