Dr. Stan and Donna Armes

Partnership Coordinator, East Africa

Stan grew up in Kenya since his parents were missionaries. Upon graduation from Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, he attended and graduated from Covenant College in Chattanooga and Covenant Seminary in St. Louis.  While in seminary he met Donna who has been his wife for 43 years.  We both felt the call to missions and were sent out under World Presbyterian Missions in 1977.  Since then they joined the PCA during the “Joining and Receiving” the RPCES and PCA in 1982. They worked in Kenya for 10 years. Stan taught in the Bible School and translated  TEE courses and movie films into the local language. Due to health reasons Stan and Donna had to come back to the States. For awhile Stan worked on demographics in the New York Metro area under Tim Keller and then moved to Pulaski Virginia to be a pastor for several years.  After this time Stan and Donna were called to teach at The Bible Institute Easter Cape in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  They stayed there for 13 years and retired four years ago in 2012.  Stan and Donna were asked to do some research for the South African pastors on marriage and from this came a seminar entitled “Biblical Foundations of Marriage.” Due the the amount of information that could not be disseminated during a seminary they wrote a book by the same title. After retirement, Stan found out about Equipping Leaders International. Ever since then Stan has been traveling under ELI. On occasion, he has conducted the marriage seminar in Kenya and Uganda. He is also teaching and mentoring the Georgia State Prisons.

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