Frank and Cindy Sindler


Rev. Frank and Cindy Sindler both came to faith in college. Frank met Cindy while helping plant a church in Columbia, SC. Later, they joined the Presbyterian Church in America, where Frank was ordained. They then devoted 30 years of service to Mission to the World (MTW) from 1994 to 2024. During that time, they worked as church planters in Western Africa. Later, they shifted their focus to equipping local leaders internationally. Their work included planting churches, establishing pastoral training programs, and launching and growing ministries worldwide. They have four grown children, Elizabeth, Edgar, Ethan, and Esther, and three wonderful grandchildren. Frank serves as Executive Director for Equipping Farmers International (EFI). Cindy is helping with the donor and volunteer trainer programs for EFI. EFI ( is a non-profit organization whose primary objective is to spread agricultural training that improves food security, livelihoods, and local income for ministry sustainability for churches worldwide.

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