Mike and Tammy Steele


Mike’s family was not Christian. He lived in Saudi Arabia in the mid 1960’s. Then in Bangkok, Thailand, and the Panama Canal Zone, until he completed his first year of college. Then he returned to the states and lived in Virginia, where he met Jesus Christ. This radically transformed Mike’s life into a person that he would have never imagined for himself.

Sometime after his new birth, he met Tammy. He shared his story with her, and she, too became a part of the family of God.

Mike and Tammy were involved in churches that held a passion for discipleship and outreach. They ministered with Church Without Walls, and promoted the course titled Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. In September 2000 their oldest son suffered a brain injury from a work accident, which devastated the entire family. For several years the family was on the ropes, until God rescued them again. They are here today with a Kingdom vision while caring for our son because of Christ, and for this we give thanks. “Whom shall I send…” “Here I am! Send me.”

We desire to serve the global church by sharing God’s word in word and deed to all those involved in local ministry.

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