Neemias and Deborah Gomes


Neemias grew up in a Christian home. Living in a home with eleven siblings, he learned the importance of organization, discipline and education. His parents never had much money, but always insisted that the children knew the value of what they had, faith in the Lord, family and education.

Neemias grew up attending the First Presbyterian Church in Recife, Brazil. His family was a very important part of the church, and all were involved in serving the Lord. Neemias married his pastor’s daughter, Deborah, and lived in Brazil with his family until January 1st, 2001. Rebeca was 18, and starting college, Porfirio was 14 and Melissa 10 when the Gomes family arrived in Gainesville, Florida.

He joined the North Florida Presbytery in 2004. Deborah taught at Cornerstone Academy until Porfirio and Melissa graduated from High School. Only after ensuring that the children had a solid Christian education, Deborah started teaching in Public School. Now, all three children have completed their education, they are married and they have four grandchildren. Neemias loves spending time with his family.

Based on my training, calling and gifts, I believe the Lord has equipped me to support, encourage, train and mentor International pastors or lay ministers, in South America, and especially, in Brazil. The fact that I am Brazilian/American and communicate in Spanish, removes many barriers of communication. Having lived and done Ministry in Brazil, gives me the insight of what it is like to be a Reformed Bible believing Christian, in a predominantly Roman Catholic Country. I believe that these are areas where I will be able to contribute to the ministry of ELI.

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