Rev. Bill Boggess

Partnership Coordinator, Francophone Africa

My wife Barbara and I served as missionaries in church planting and administration in France with TEAM for 34 years. We returned to the US in 2018 and retired from TEAM. We were married 45 years. (Barbara died in 2021.) I have three sons, three daughters-in-law and two grandsons.

I am using my church-planting experience and French Language proficiency to equip pastors in the French-speaking countries of Africa. Over the years of church-planting in France, I saw that leadership training was critical. Pastors and church-planters need solid pastoral/theological training to found churches on a solid foundation. The African church needs many teachable, gifted men to lead His people and ground His church in Biblical truth. The church is growing rapidly in sub-Sahara Africa and therefore needs many new pastors. They need to be equipped to discern the truth of God so they can recognize false teaching and keep their teaching biblical. We equip them so that they are able to correct the false teaching prevalent in their countries: African traditional religion, the prosperity gospel, doctrines of other religions, syncretic teachings, etc. We also provide them ministry tools. Once trained, God can use them to train up the next generation of spiritual leaders.

I and ELI colleague Fran├žois Longeiret work in French-speaking Africa. Our work involves teaching either in person or via Zoom, as well as translation of the ELI courses into French.

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