Rev. Dan and Iara Pinckney


Our Story

Dan grew up as a missionary/pastor’s kid and from earliest age felt called to serve the Lord in ministry. While in seminary, he made a trip to Brazil and met Iara at the Copacabana Presbyterian Church in Rio de Janeiro. She was the editor of a medical journal for the Brazilian College of Surgeons, but wanted to be in ministry as a pastor or missionary wife. She was led to pray specifically for an American missionary/pastor husband. Two months later, Dan visited her church. They got married 11 months later, not speaking any language in common. They have since had to learn 5 languages. Dan and Iara have served as church planting missionaries in Quito, Ecuador; Evangelism and Missions pastor at Fourth Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, MD; church planters in Rome, Italy; International Church pastor in Munich, Germany; Interim pastoral staff at Covenant Church of Naples, FL; Director of the Christian Healing Center of Naples, FL and Founder and Director of Sozo Chattanooga, both prayer ministries. Dan has written three books and is working on another, entitled, Jesus’ Ministry Model. Their experience and passion has been to raise up and equip people called into ministry.

Our Role

As Spanish speakers, we are part of the team that equips leaders in Central and South America.

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