Rev. Richard and Doris Goswiller

Partnership Coordinator, East Africa

My wife and I met on a blind date in July of 1970. It was the old-fashioned “love at first sight,” and we were married later that year in December. God blessed us with two beautiful daughters and now we have six grandchildren.

Several years later, the Lord saved me when I was twenty-seven years old. Three weeks later, my wife rededicated her life to the Lord, and two years later, I answered the call to pastoral ministry. Quite naively, I thought I would go right into the pastorate, for I didn’t want to waste valuable time going to school. I just wanted to get to work serving the Lord. Thankfully, I received wise counsel and eventually graduated from Talbot Theological Seminary, the graduate school of Biola University.

With my wife at my side every step of the way and with her deep involvement in the life of the church, I spent the next 35 years in pastoral ministry, serving in church in CA, NJ, and NY. On two different occasions during that time I was also dean of two different Bible training institutes, equipping people of all ages for future ministry.

Unforeseen circumstances led to my retirement from pastoral ministry, which was followed by a move to PA to be closer to children and grandchildren. We became deeply involved in our present church, serving in a variety of ways, but I never thought I would serve overseas.

Well, the Lord overcame my reluctance and enlarged my vision for the church of God worldwide. But I made my first trip to Rwanda, Africa, and then my second trip – and now I am looking to give the rest of my life to serving the Lord here at home, but also abroad in whatever way I can. I am so incredibly thankful that the Lord has led me in this direction, and opened the door for me to be on the ELI team.

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