Santos and Dilma Sotero

National Faculty, Central America

I accepted Christ in a Baptist church during a prayer service as a young man. I come from a very religious catholic family. So when I accepted Christ, I was thrown out of the house for being an evangelical Christian.

I began my theological studies at the Thomas Herrington Bible Institute in 1995 at Las Crucitas, Honduras. Through the good auspices and reciprocal relationship of that institution with the Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, I finished my studies for a Bachelor’s degree in 2004.

In 2009, I began my work at the Thomas Herrington Bible Institute as a Bible instructor. I worked there until 2020. During this time, I began to sense the need to continue to prepare myself in the areas of theology and Bible so I began studies for a Master’s degree in Theology through Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. I graduated with that degree in 2020.

There is a great need in Honduras for Bible teaching and training among evangelical pastors here. There are pastors in the mountains who have little or no biblical or pastoral training. This is a need that motivates me. I have taught in more than ninety churches in Nicaragua and Honduras in a small attempt to fill this gap. This is also the reason that the ministry of ELI is needed here. The training that they provide is great, and they are helping me to train others. I now have five men that I am training to continue and help with the work in the mountains of Honduras. I am looking for more men to train with the hope of multiplication of this ministry in the future.

I am also the pastor of the Maranatha Baptist Church in Guinope, Paraiso, Honduras. I live in Guinope with my wife of twenty-one years, Dilma, and my two children, Abner Uzias (17) and Rebeca Nazareth (10). I ask your prayers for myself and my family.

With much love in Christ,

Pastor Santos Sotero

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