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ELI is blessed with more demand for training than our faculty can handle. Consider joining us! We need men and women who are experienced teachers and leaders in local churches, schools, and businesses as we look to expand our Kingdom impact. Here’s how to get started!

What Are My Options?


Volunteer faculty are self-funded individuals who travel and teach with ELI as their other responsibilities, time, and resources allow. Volunteers often connect with a faculty member working in a specific region.

Part-Time / Adjunct

Part-time/Adjunct faculty are self-funded or supported individuals committed to teaching with ELI 2-4 times a year. After becoming familiar with ELI’s work, part-time instructors can expect to take responsibility for one training partnership.


Full-time faculty are self-funded or supported individuals who work full-time with ELI. These individuals can expect to teach 6-10 times per year and have primary responsibility for 2-3 national partnerships.


Below you will find a list of questions that prospective faculty members typically ask about ELI and the answers that go along with them.

“Raising support,” as it is most commonly known, is really about developing a team of ministry partners (think, Philippians 1:6; we call it “Ministry Partner Development”). A “Ministry Partner” is someone who commits to participate with you in the work the Lord is calling you to through prayer, encouragement, financial support, and possibly even co-teaching.


I have seen the hope that ELI brings to pastors and teachers who are struggling to make a difference in their countries. ELI ignites a vision in these leaders, and through ongoing training empowers and equips them to build and sustain a transformational culture.

Vicki Kloosterhouse


If the vision is to transform an entire culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ, ELI's approach of shaping the thinking of that culture's leaders is the most direct and holistic path to bringing that vision to reality. 

Cliff Montgomery


ELI works with church leaders from various denominations. I was impressed to find the pastors engaged with the teaching, asking questions and even challenging some of our positions.

Gene Whitehead

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